Maternity preservation

Maternity preservation is a fertility treatment designed for women who wish to delay motherhood for various reasons such as career advancement, personal health, or finding the right partner. This treatment involves freezing a woman’s eggs during her fertile years for later use when she is ready to conceive.

The process begins with an assessment of the patient’s ovarian reserve and reproductive health. She then undergoes a regimen of controlled ovarian stimulation to produce multiple eggs, which are later retrieved in a brief and outpatient surgical procedure. These eggs are then frozen using the vitrification technique, which preserves their quality and viability for future use.

Maternity preservation offers women the opportunity to keep their fertility options open and take control of their biological clock. It is a valuable option for those who wish to postpone motherhood without compromising the quality of their eggs, providing them with the peace of mind of having an ovarian reserve available when they decide to embark on their journey to motherhood.