Fertility preservation through oocyte freezing

Currently, many individuals postpone parenthood for various reasons, whether it’s for their professional career, seeking economic stability, or simply because they haven’t found the right partner yet. However, the biological clock keeps ticking, and with it, the quality and quantity of a woman’s oocytes decrease over time.

That’s why oocyte preservation has become an invaluable tool for those who want to keep the possibility of parenthood open in the future. Through this procedure, oocytes can be extracted and frozen at their optimal point of quality and fertility, to be used later when the time is right.

Oocyte preservation provides peace of mind and security to those who want to plan their reproductive future, allowing them to make decisions with greater freedom and without time pressures. Additionally, this technique is also an option for individuals facing medical treatments that could affect their fertility, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

In summary, preserving oocytes is an investment in the future, a way to ensure the possibility of parenthood when the decision is made, regardless of age or circumstances. At our clinic, we are here to provide support and guidance to those who wish to explore this option and take control of their fertility.

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