What does a fertility study involve?

When a couple seeks help from a fertility clinic after a period of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, both the man and the woman undergo a fertility study. These tests aim to identify the causes of infertility in the couple and guide the specialist towards the most appropriate assisted reproduction treatment.

For this reason, fertility studies are also conducted on single women desiring motherhood and on female couples. This allows the specialist to assess the most suitable treatment to help them achieve parenthood.

Generally, it is recommended that couples visit a fertility center if the woman is over 35 years old. It is advised that couples seek specialist advice after 6 months of attempting conception if the woman is over 35 years old or after 12 months if she is younger than 35 years old and has been unsuccessful in conceiving. 

This is because age is particularly detrimental to female fertility, as it reduces both the quantity and quality of eggs. By conducting a fertility study on the couple, the most appropriate treatment to help them achieve pregnancy can be determined based on the results.

At FERTILITY EXPERTS BARCELONA, we conduct comprehensive assessments of your future fertility through studies and ultrasound examinations.

In the case of single women deciding to embark on motherhood alone and female couples, a fertility study should also be conducted before undergoing assisted reproduction treatment.

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